Today, agriculture faces enormous challenges. On the one hand, farmers have to work as productively and economically as possible, and on the other hand, they are required to produce in an ecologically sustainable way. Surflay can support agriculture with innovative encapsulation techniques for pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

water industry


Water is a valuable commodity, especially in times of drought and in areas with low water resources. In addition, the manufacturing industry in many industries requires thousands of cubic meters of fresh water, which must then be purified again. We develop novel membrane technologies together with our partners from the water industry.



Several active substances/medicines have to be released continuously over a long period of time or have to be delivered specifically to the site of action. This is necessary in order to achieve the best possible effect or to reduce possible side effects. Surflay develops drug delivery systems. We are also engaged in the coating of medical devices (e.g. stents).