Fluorescent labeled polymers

Fluorescent Labeled Polymers

When polyelectrolyte molecules are covalently linked to highly fluorescent dyes, they can be visualised in e.g.:

  • fluorescence spectrometer
  • flow cytometer
  • laser scanning microscope

With the confocal laser scanning microscopy, for example, the amount of labeled polymers adsorbed at a surface can be quantitatively determined, giving information on surface properties of materials (charge, porosity), flow conditions in tubes, deposit/sediment on catheters or in microfluidics, etc.

Furthermore, these polymers can be used in all Layer-by-Layer coatings.

We offer a wide chioce of fluorescent dyes according to excitation and emission settings of your instruments.

In addition to fluorescent dyes, polymers can be labelled with other functional materials such as complexation agents, photo receptors or radical formers on request.

Below is a list of the dye-labelled polyelectrolytes we offer.

Labeled cation polymers offered

PolymerMw in g/molDyelabel degree in
Polyethylenimine PEI750 000Fluorescein95
Polyethylenimine PEI25 000Fluorescein100
Polyethylenimine PEI750 000Rhodamine390
Polyethylenimine PEI25 000Rhodamine380
Polyallylamine PAH70 000Fluorescein210, 250, 340
Polyallylamine PAH15 000Fluorescein225
Polyallylamine PAH70 000Rhodamine220, 280, 670
Polyallylamine PAH15 000Rhodamine330
Polyallylamine PAH70 000Pyren240
Polyallylamine PAH70 000Cy5300, 700
Polyallylamine PAH15 000Cy5420, 650
Polyallylamine PAH70 000Fluo/Rho f. FRET Untersuchungen1000/250, 470/170, 440/410, 350/140, 250/630, 140/1200
Chitosan100 000 - 500 000Fluoreszein400, 250
Chitosan100 000 - 500 000Rhodamin490, 530, 710, 1200
Polydiallyldimethyl- ammoniumchloride PDANot establishedFluoreszein180, 220, 380
Polydiallyldimethyl- ammoniumchloride PDANot establishedRhodamin110, 210, 390
Polydiallyldimethyl- ammoniumchloride PDANot establishedRhodamin740, 870
Polydiallyldimethyl- ammoniumchloride PDANot establishedRhodamin1060, 1360

Labeled anion polymers offered

PolymerMw in g/molDyelabel degree in
Polystyrolsulfonate70 000Fluorescein112, 330
Polystyrolsulfonate70 000Fluorescein1340
PolystyrolsulfonateNot establishedFluorescein2800, 4300
PolystyrolsulfonateNot establishedRhodamine40, 90, 140
PolystyrolsulfonateNot establishedRhodamine520
Polyacrylate NaNot establishedRhodamin660, 1400, 1900
Polymethacrylate Na100 000Fluorescein350, 900, 950
Polymethacrylate Na100 000Fluorescein1800, 6600, 10300
Polymethacrylate NaNot establishedRhodamine80
Polymethacrylate Na100 000Rhodamine230, 510
Polymethacrylate Na100 000Cy3380
Polyvinylphosphate200 000Fluorescein110, 340
Polyvinylphosphate200 000Fluorescein1100