Functionalized Capture Beads

The use of beads with pore size > 30 nm allows the coating of the pores with a thin LbL layer. With the corresponding functions on the LbL surface, a specific affinity to materials can be attained, without large reduction of the inner surface. The coating with an LbL layer is fixed as is the hole bored by a focussed laser ray (FRAP experiment) as shown by the particles illlustrated in the figure. In cases of specific affinity of the surface, these particles are suitable as capture materials.



Left: Coating of the pores in chromaticographic particles with LbL.
Right: Confocal photograph of a particle (Ø 10 µm) and its 30 nm-sized pores coated with PAH-Cy5/PSS. The name has been written into the fixed LbL matrix using a laser (image size16 µm x 16 µm).

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