Particles with Functionalised Surfaces

Surflay's monodisperse beads are not only fluorescent but also have tailored surface properties for your applications.


  • Surflay labels their monodisperse particles with different (fluorescent) dyes during synthesis, thereby minimising leaching of dyes during applications.
  • Embedding two or more dyes with defined ratios (multiplexing) in a particle matrix is also possible.
  • Selected dyes absorb at wavelengths of commercially available lasers (405, 488, 532 or 635 nm) and exhibit both high fluorescence intensity and photostability.
  • In addition, particle surface can be modified with specific reactive groups (carboxyl, glycidyl, iodoacetyl, azide or acetylene) or biomolecules via EDC, epoxy or click chemistry covalently bound to the surface.