How Surflay Microsensors work (Flyer)

Surflay's microsensors are modified microparticles, which can quantify various parameters such as:

  • pH
  • temperature
  • O2 amount
  • chloride amount
  • sugar amount

No electronic part must be in contact with the sample: changes in microparticle's fluorescence intensity are used for analysis. These microsensors are therefore ideal for measurements in smallest spaces:

  • microfluidics
  • cell cultures
  • cell arrays
  • organ-on-a-chip and more


There are two approaches to use microsensors i.e. dye-embedded microparticles:

  • Fluorescence lifetime measurements are independent of the concentration and size of the size
  • Intensity-based measurements require internal fluorescence standards or dual fluorescence in order to eliminate the influence of particle size and sample transparency. 

In the image, for example, it can be seen that the fluorescence of pH microsensors change with pH. 

Not only the microsensors but also the instrumentation for particle fluorescence read out is available. Please contact us!