Under the links below you can find more information regarding the technologies used for the production of fluorescence based micro-sensors. The micro-sensors allow for the analysis of various parameters (e.g.: O2, pH, chloride, and temperature) in small spaces without the need for the meter to be in direct contact (e.g.: microfluidics, cell cultures, cell lines) by measuring changes in the fluorescence intensities or fluorescence lifetimes.

Figure: 3D CLSM image (1100 x 1100 x 100 μm) of a section of a porous glass tube (25 nm pore size), which was coated via LbL with a pH-sensitive polyelectrolyte

Fluorescence lifetime measurements are independent of the concentration and particle size while internal fluorescence standards or dual fluorescence are used to eliminate the influence of these parameters with intensity-based measurements. Appropriate instrumentation for particle read out are commercially available.