At Surflay, we do not only patent our technolgies but also share critical new information with the scientific community. Below is a list of publications we have contributed to:

  • Baleeiro, R. B.; Wiesmüller, K.-H.; Dähne, L.; Lademann, J.; Barbuto, J. A. & Walden, P. (2013), 'Direct Activation of Human Dendritic Cells by Particle-Bound but Not Soluble MHC Class II Ligand', PLoS ONE 8(5), 1-12.

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  • Barrefelt, Å.; Saghafian, M.; Kuiper, R.; Ye, F.; Egri, G.; Klickermann, M.; Brismar, T. B.; Aspelin, P.; Muhammed, M.; Dähne, L. & Hassan, M. (2013), 'Biodistribution, Kinetics, and Biological Fate of SPION Microbubbles in the Rat', International Journal of Nanomedicine 8(1), 3241-3254.

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