Measurement Services

Our many years of using high performance analytic methods in the area of nanotechnology enable us to carry out to the optimum any special measurement services on your samples you might require.
This includes the following technologies:

  • Confocal laser scanning microscope, TCS SPE, Leica Microsystems Ltd.
  • Disc centrifuge, DC24000, CPS Instruments Inc.
  • Flow cytometer, CyFlow ML, Partec GmbH
  • Fluorescence spectrophotometer, Cary Eclipse, Agilent Technologies Inc.
  • Photon correlation spectroscope, Zetasizer 3000 HSA, Malvern Instruments Ltd.
  • Quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation, Q-Sense E4, Biolin Scientific Holding AB
  • Real-time PCR cycler, Rotor-Gene Q, Qiagen GmbH
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Cary 50 Scan, Agilent Technologies Inc.
  • Laboratory equipment for physico-chemical and biochemical investigations