Welcome to Surflay

The company Surflay Nanotec GmbH was founded in October 2008 in Berlin-Adlershof (Germany) by Dr. habil Lars Dähne. This technology-oriented company has specialised in the coating of surfaces on to functionalise colloidal as well as larger scale materials.

The key technology is the patent-protected Layer-by-Layer (LbL) technology with charged polymers (polyelectrolytes). Using this technology, macroscopic as well as colloidal surfaces are functionalised on a nanoscale.

nano particle

The combination of physico-chemical functions and biological properties separated by nanometre-thick layers allows the unique modification of the surface without any great difficulty. 

The areas of application are modern separating materials, substance encapsulation, enzyme immobilisation as well as sensory or diagnostic beads. Our own patents and our expertise together with licensed patents form the basis for the development of innovative and market-oriented solutions.