Air-filled polyvinyl alcohol capsules in sizes ranging from 3-4 μm are produced in Surflaylabs. Thanks to a special cross-linking procedure, these bubbles are stable for months, hydrophilic and uncharged. Due to their low density, they slowly float in water to the top.

Some applications / possibilities:

  • These microbublesare excellent tools for cell-sorting
  • Contrast agents for medical imaging.
  • In combination with Layer-by-Layer coatings, further surface functions can be added.
  • Air in the bubbles can also be exchanged with water in order to create e.g. microreactors.

Air-filled polyvinyl alcohol capsules are a perfect separation and purification tool.

Image: Fluorescent-microscope image of air-filled microbubbles labelled with Rhodamine (image size 40 μm x 40 μm)