Flow Cytometry

Measurement of Size, Distribution and Fluorescence of Particles via CyFlow ML, Partec / Sysmex Inc.

Flow Cytometry is a method to measure quantity, size granularity and fluorescence intensities of particle suspensions (e.g. cells) in a size range between 700 nm and 50 µm.

Our Partec System CyFlow ML offers five fluorescent channels with excitation wavelengths: 488 nm / 532 nm / 638 nm and 5 different emission wavelengths.


  • Particle (Cell) Size and Granularity
  • Particle (Cell) Size Distribution
  • Particle (Cell) Fluorescence distribution
  • Sample homogeneity

Sample Requirements

  • Aqueous Solution or dried particles
  • 0.5 mL 1 % Solution, minimum amount 5 mg
  • Particle size above 700 nm


  • 1 sample: 250 €
  • 2 samples: 350 €
  • 4 samples: 600 €
  • 10 samples: 1000 €

More Information

My team and I work with Surflay already since 2015, where they developed customized temperature sensitive beads for us. We had been looking already for a long time for beads incorporating one temperature sensitive and one insensitive dye to expand our volumetric astigmatism particle tracking to reliable temperature measurements. Due to the good communication and the profound knowledge in bead synthetization of Dr. Dähne the development was quickly completed.

The technique has also drawn the attention of the attendees of the first ‘Short Course on Practical Microfluidics’ at TU Ilmenau (www.tu-ilmenau.de/ttd/spm/), where the products of Surflay were displayed and will be used in practical lab sessions in the future.

Prof. Dr. Christian Cierpka, Head of Department of the Technische Universität Ilmenau, Ilmenau

The nanoparticles developed by Surflay are particularly suitable for use in lateral flow assay (LfA) applications. Surflay has succeeded in producing nanoparticles that meet all requirements. Innovative proposed solutions and application-specific adaptations were implemented in the shortest possible time. For this purpose, the particles were extensively characterized by a wide range of analytical methods, whereby the targeted target characteristics were achieved.

The very good cooperation between Surflay and us is the basement for the successful processing of the interdisciplinary project. Our experience shows that Surlfay understands interdisciplinary issues and analyzes them extremely competently and then successfully implements them. We can rely on consistently high quality, maximum adherence to deadlines and flexible reactions to application-related changes. We also benefit from the proactive cooperation with ideas and suggestions for improvement and can therefore recommend Surflay as a partner for your applications.

Dr. Friedrich Scholz, Head of Research of the Senova Gesellschaft für Biowissenschaft und Technik mbH, Weimar

The fzmb has been working successfully with Surflay Nanotec GmbH for years. We are impressed by the quality of the supplied fluorescent particles and the know-how of Surflay Nanotec in the field of polymer chemistry and particle development.

Dr. Peter Miethe, CEO of the fzmb GmbH, Bad Langensalza